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WWF ├╝bergibt Petition an Ulrike Rodust

RE: WWF ├╝bergibt Petition an Ulrike Rodust
It was just about time that somebody started thinking about the biodiversity "that we do not see"!!!! We came from the see and if we do not watch out, the sea will be empty and the rest of of the ecosystem too. Ignoring a problem, does not make it go away. every time a living creature, big or small, disappears we are closer to the END of our Earth.

The rhinos are being poached, the elephants too. The tigers are disappearing and what do you say about the Pandas? or the Koalas? You might not care, but maybe you grand grand children will!!!!!!

Autor: Lisbeth Herlem, Datum: 22.11.2012, 18:49 Uhr
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